Recruiting idea that is changing the face of Recruitment in India

Smart Recruitment Solution For SME’s

Hire the best resources... at "unbelievable cost" !!!

Verto is offering the most disruptive recruitment solution , where you can hire the right resource for just Rs 1000/*-

Our In-depth understanding of recruitment challenges faced by Start Up’s / SME’s, has helped us recreate the entire recruitment solution for SME’s by eliminating non value adding services, which bloat the overall hiring cost.

The process actually enhances SME’s ability to hire better candidate than through traditional recruitment model.

For further details, we request you to send your queries to deepti@verto.in or call @ +91-8368854492

Company Set Up

Company Setup is fast and easy in India with our experienced team.. A company is set in terms of the rules prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013. With proper documentation and drafting of the main object it can be setupwithin a week time. The promoters, however must take care of name of the company which should be unique, not same or similar to already registered company, LLP or a trademark.

  • DSC & DIN for two Director

  • Name approval of Company

  • Company Incorporation Certificate

  • PAN & TAN Number for Company

  • Company Incorporation Kit

  • Bank A/c Opening Support

  • GST Registration

  • GST Return for 3 Months

HR Function Outsource

It is becoming increasingly important for New Start Up’s and Small and Medium organisation to attract and maintain Talent, as it is directly linked with success of the Business Project(s) and Revenue Output.

Cost constraints doesn’t allow Start Up’s and SME’s to hire experienced People Management experts, resulting in risking key Business outcomes and basic organisation DNA structure, which is so critical for future growth and success of the Organisation.

At a very nominal cost VERTO offers its client world class People Management Tools ( Including Employee Self Service Portal), which ensures your journey to success is better ensured.

VERTO has an experience of Managing HR of more than 10,000 culturally diverse work force spread PAN Asia.