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We've all heard the tired old cliché about never getting a second chance to make a first impression. As worn out as the expression may be, it most certainly holds true when it comes to writing your Resume. Companies go through innumerable, almost identical CV's / Resumes. Unfortunately, they often read them with a critical eye, looking for a reason to cast one aside and move on to the next. Careless mistakes with grammar and sentence structure will surely doom your job chances. But even if your work is grammatically flawless, ninety percent of the applicants will write nearly identical Resumes, making you part of the herd. Verto can help you create a impactful, well-written and creative Resume, highlighting your key strengths as per Industry requirment.

Interview Tips

  • Arrive on time or a few minutes earlier.

  • Come prepared. Do your research about the company and the employer beforehand

  • Greet the interviewer.

  • Sit upright and look interested. Be a good listener. Start your talk post completion of talk of the interviewer. Never Cut in between. Smile!

  • Don’t Ever make derogatory remarks about your present or former employers and colleagues.

  • Convey your points factually and sincerely.

  • Try to keep response short and crisp, unless not asked to elaborate

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Dont ask about salary, bonuses or holidays at the first interview - unless you are positive the employer is interested in hiring you and raises the issue first

  • Dress should be formal. Maintain high level of personal hygiene. Try to look yourself once in mirror before entering interview room


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Openings in Verto

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S.No. Designation Location Department Experiance Qualification / Skill set
1 Executive / Sr Executive New Delhi Recruitment - Silo Sales 2-5 Years Exposure to Insurance / FMCG / Hospitality preferred
2 Executive / Sr Executive New Delhi Recruitment - Silo Sales 2-5 Years Btech - Mech, having exposure in Manufacturing Sector
3 Executive / Sr Executive New Delhi Recruitment - Silo IT 2-5 Years Btech - CS/BCA/MCA, having exposure in IT Sector
4 Team Lead / Manager New Delhi Recruitment 7-12 Years Btech , having exposure in multi domain. Team Handling experience Must
5 Operations Executive Mumbai Recruitment -Silo FOS 2-5 Years Graduate with relevant experience
6 Operations Executive Hyderabad Recruitment -Silo FOS 2-5 Years Graduate with relevant experience
7 Software Developer New Delhi IT 2-5 Years BTech / MCA. Language - Dot Net